Hot take: second-hand cameras democratize photography

In the past, photography has been seen as a rather snobby profession. In recent years, it’s more of a tech than an artistic industry. Photographers are chasing stats and specs rather than perfecting and pursuing their craft.

Owning the newest camera is akin to owning the most recent Apple product. It’s a status symbol. The latest iPhones and iPads are a sign of being on the cutting edge, but some might think that buying an iPhone 11 is backward.

It has also led to a certain amount of snobbery in the world of cameras. This is the same snobbery that scoffs older cameras, smaller sensors, or cameras with fewer megapixels. How can you show off a Nikon Z8 at a camera club if you don’t have one on the release day?

But this bizarre arms race in which people care less about their photos than the cameras they use offers a unique opportunity for savvy photographers.

The guy who bought the Z8 on launch day? He likely purchased a Z7 II simultaneously and had to sell it for his new camera. The Z7 was the same. He has now added two aspirational, fantastic cameras to the used market. They will be much more affordable.

This is how savvy photographers can improve their skills and upgrade their equipment to get new and exciting tools to work and further develop.

A photography student who began with an APS-C DSLR can quickly upgrade to a full-frame DSLR. Weekend warriors who were shooting weddings on a single camera can add a second body to their bag. Landscape photographers using a backpack to shield their cameras from rain can now upgrade to a weather-sealed camera body.

Yes, even the professional using a SLR for years can afford to switch to mirrorless. The second-hand market is flooded with incredible gear.

I used to work as a professional photographer and was surprised at how many people thought pros only bought new equipment. It’s the perceived status thing again – that you’re a terrible businessperson if you wait to buy a new kit as soon as it is released.

Spending your profits on brand-new equipment would be a terrible business decision. It also needs to pay attention to the fact professionals rent equipment on a specific basis for their jobs instead of owning all the cameras and lenses under the sun.

The camera market is one of the rare places in the world the trickle-down economy works. You’re trying to capture the local football match with a slow lens and burst rate one day. With the advent of new technology, you’ll soon be able to shoot big games using a sports camera with a fast shutter speed.

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