I bought a Nikon D850 2023 but still do not own a mirrorless…

I bought a mirrorless camera, but it is different from the one that you have.

My second-hand but barely used Nikon DSLR D850 will probably be the last DSLR that I buy. So why not make the switch to mirrorless?

Let’s not waste time. If I could justify it, I would march to Nikon’s HQ and ask for the best NikonZ8. But, other priorities and my desire to not part with anything less than my D800’s 36MP sensor have made it difficult to match the D850’s still excellent spec if you find a tremendous second-hand deal.

The D850 is a superior camera for professional stills than the original Nikon Z7, mainly due to its longer battery life and dual slots. I also think the Nikon Z7 III is the superior product, but I must be honest.

The money I would save on a few quality lenses right now is more critical than an EVF or in-body stabilization. Having a faster burst speed, advanced AF, and a better EVF is also worth it. As I list these mirrorless mod cons, the urge to reconsider my decision is overwhelming.

The lenses, not the DSLR itself, prevented a DSLR from being a dealbreaker. F-mount and Z-mount are not comparable in terms of performance. The vast majority of Z-mount lenses will perform better than their F-mount counterparts. Their large diameter and small flange distance make Nikon the superior mirrorless camera.

The F-mount is not a slouch. Many photographers are happy with their AF/S lenses. FTZ Mount adapter is compatible with hundreds of F mount lenses. Pair this with Z series cameras with IBIS; you can stabilize lenses without VR. This backward compatibility means I can happily purchase cut-price F-mount glass, knowing it won’t become defunct shortly.

It’s hard to count the number of times someone came up to me with their phone while I was out taking photos and told me it could take better or comparable pictures. The first and most important reason they have missed the point is that the most significant advantage of an interchangeable-lens camera is the ability to switch lenses.

You won’t regret buying a Z-mount camera. If you liked this article, you might be interested to read about the top Nikon Z lenses available for FX or DX cameras. You can also look at the Best Lenses for the Nikon D850 if you are still clinging to your DSLR. If you want to embrace the new technology, check out the Best Lenses for the Nikon Z6 II.

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