Instax Square SQ1 or SQ40?

Fujifilm Instax cameras are gaining popularity with their fun and retro instant film prints. Instax cameras come in various sizes and shapes, from the Instax Mini to the Instax Wide.

Instax Square is the square film in the middle. Fujifilm has only one square-film camera still in production, theĀ Instax SQ1. But now, Fujifilm has launched a new camera, theĀ Instax SQ40. It features a retro-styled design to match the retro-film vibe.

Both the Instax SQ1 & Instax SQ40 print in the Instax Square format. The Instax SQ40 is between the Mini and Wide film sizes. Instax Square prints, including the border frame, are 86x72mm (3.4×2.8in). Of that, 62x62mm (2.4×2.4in) is the photographic area.

Instax Wide is 99x62mm or 4.25×3.4in (includes frame 54x86mm/1.8×2.4in). Instax Mini is 46x62mm (2.1×3.4in), and Instax Mini is 2.1×3.4in (includes frame 54x86mm/1.8×2.4in).

Instax Square films are sold in single-packs of 10 prints but are often cheaper in multi-packs. Instax Square comes in both color and monochrome films. Many film borders, including classic white, black, and marble, are also available.

You will notice that the aesthetics of the cameras are different. The Instax SQ1 is available in three colors: a bright Terracotta Orange and a pastel Glacier Blue. The SQ1’s design is intended to be fun. It’s large, colorful and you’ll want to bring it to a party.

The SQ40, on the other hand, is a different camera. Its retro styling is inspired by vintage film cameras of the past century, with its faux leather plastic surface. And it only comes in black (with a few small silver trimmings). This more subtle look is perfect for instant film fans who want to avoid attracting attention with their camera or those who appreciate a more classy-looking device.

Both the Instax SQ1 & Instax SQ40 have similar features. The same film and lens are used by both cameras, resulting in identical high-quality prints. Both cameras have automatic exposure. This automatically calculates the best direction based on ambient lighting and distance from the subject. The cameras then use the inbuilt flash to produce a bright, evenly lit photo. Both cameras can take great pictures with ease.

Selfie Mode is also available on both cameras. It allows for slightly closer shots, and its name comes from the fact that it’s at the perfect distance for taking selfies. The lens of both cameras can be twisted to enter selfie mode. This mode can focus closer on objects, pets, or other subjects (but watch out for the flash! The SQ1 grip is much more substantial than the SQ40. It also has a textured finish that makes it easier to grip. Both cameras feature the same viewfinder, which is located in the upper left corner of the camera. The flash, however, is also the same size and placement. The Instax SQ1 & SQ40 cameras have two lugs on each side for attaching the wrist strap, depending on how you carry the camera.

The two cameras are almost the same size. However, the SQ40, the more recent model, is slightly larger, particularly in width, compared to its predecessor, the SQ1. This difference is only noticeable if they are placed directly beside each other. The grip is also slightly more prominent on the SQ1 than on the SQ40. However, it needs to be deeper, so it can still fit in bags.

The SQ1 is 130.7×118.6×57.5mm and weighs only 350g without batteries, straps, or film. The SQ40 is slightly larger at 134.2×120.2×60.5mm and weighs 453g. However, the difference of 100g between the two cameras when held together is not noticeable.

Instax SQ1 costs currently $119.95/PS119.99/AU$220. It is an older model but has been discounted by retailers a few times.

Instax SQ40 costs a little more at $149.95 / AU$ 229 / PS134.99. Since both cameras offer the same features, the SQ40’s price is mainly due to its design. Likely, the Instax SQ40 will never see a discount as it is a brand-new camera.

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