Are you looking for a camera that has the X-factor?

Cameras that set the gold standard are rare. And when they do, their price tag would make a goldsmith blush.

The Lumix s5iix offers a value unmatched by any other camera in its class.

The S5IIX can shoot what was previously impossible. Its 5.9K RAW (and BRAW) and rock-solid stabilization are complemented by incredible autofocus, wired or wireless stream, and recording and playing back to SSD via USB.

The X Factor

The Lumix S5IIX offers even more features than the Lumix S5II. It has several exclusive features which elevate its already incredible performance to unprecedented levels.

The fantastic connectivity options for SSD storage are at the top of this list. Panasonic’s camera can record and playback external SSDs via USB-C.

The Lumix S5IIX can now use SanDisk’s new Pro-Blade SSD Mags. This is with Kondor Blue’s innovative new SSD Handle, which transforms the top or side handle into a housing for ultra-compact SSD external storage.

The S5IIX can record ProRes 4 2:2:2 HQ or 4 2:2:2 10-bit All-Intra to SSDs with or without these new peripherals. When using a compatible Atomos/Blackmagic external recorder, the camera can shoot 5.9K 12-bit Apple ProRes Raw or BRAW.

As well, live streaming has been enabled. You can stream live outdoors via RTMP / RTMPS and indoors via RTP / RTSP.

You can do anything…

The S5IIX is an upgraded version and can perform all the same functions as its older brother.

Panasonic’s new, cutting-edge hybrid phase-detect autofocus system is included. The S5IIX eliminates pulsing and inconsistent tracking. Its target detection system and tracking stick to the subject like glue, even under adverse lighting conditions or with moving objects.

A moving camera operator can be just as problematic. The camera’s Dual Image Stabilizer and Active IS technologies provide smooth videos comparable to gimbals.

The heart of this technology is the 24.2MP high-resolution full-frame CMOS camera, resulting from the L2 Technology partnership between Leica and Leica. It has almost twice the processing speed thanks to its L2 Technology partnership.

Open gate functionality unlocks the full power and flexibility that this sensor has to offer. The S5IIX uses the entire sensor and includes customizable frame markers. This lets you confidently capture content, knowing your final deliverables will be met.

Real-Time LUTs on the camera provide even more versatility. You can choose from a library of existing LUTs and add your own to create the desired look in the camera rather than waiting until post-production.

The Lumix S5IIX reduces your post-production time and allows you to shoot longer, thanks to the optimized heat dispersion. The Lumix S5IIX can record more extended periods, even with high resolutions. This includes unlimited C4K/4K 4:2:2 10bit capture (from 0-104degF).

The Lumix S5IIX also comes with a comprehensive lineup of more than 100 lenses from three significant brands the L Mount Alliance, Panasonic, Leica, and Sigma.

The Lumix s5iix is the perfect tool for professionals needing a camera to do any job. Or, if you are a videographer looking to reach professional standards, this model offers unmatched performance at a price that’s hard to beat.

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